Phippen Museum Fall Gathering, Prescott Arizona


Phippen Museum Fall Gathering

Each fall Phippen Museum holds an event in honor of the ranchers that founded this valley, that of Prescott, Arizona. This event, called the Phippen Museum Fall Gathering is a re-creation of a ceremony taking place in 1984 with the opening of the museum. Lots of fun for the whole family. Read More

  • This is a mid September event. Typically a Saturday night
  • Takes place at the Phippen Museum
  • Cowboy music and chuck wagon food!

Overview: Ranchers and their families are honored at the Phippen Museum Fall Gathering. There will always be entertainment to enjoy as well as prize drawings and celebration of ranch life. The barbque can't be passed up either. There's some good food waiting for you there!

When: This is a mid September event. This year it will take place on September 16th, 2017.

Where: The Phippen Museum

Fees: $25

Details: In September every year, Phippen Museum sponsors an event that is meant to bring back memories of the grand opening of the museum in October of 1984. This historic dedication of Phippen Museum included a branding ceremony by local ranchers. In the years that followed, a re-creation of this observance also included activities such as a barbecue, auctions of art works, and other fun.

Find more information on the Phippen Museum website.

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