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Camp Verde Arizona

Camp Verde AZ is a smaller town with a definite rural feeling to it. But don’t let this quiet ambiance fool you – there’s still enough to do to make your stop-off worth it!

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Why should I visit Camp Verde?

Make a day trip of the Verde Valley, and be sure to include Camp Verde in the adventure. Camp Verde might not take a full day to explore, but it’s most certainly worth discovering at least once.

Where is Camp Verde?

Camp Verde is located approximately an hour east of Prescott, off of Interstate 17.

What sort of Services and Amenities does Camp Verde offer?

Camp Verde has a few lodging and dining options. It is a popular stop for those traveling between Phoenix and Flagstaff who require a rest stop to stretch the legs, use the restroom or grab a drink refill.

What can I do or see in Camp Verde?

Be sure to visit the Montezuma National Monument before heading out of Camp Verde Arizona.