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Chino Valley Arizona

Chino Valley Arizona is one of the few farming communities in Yavapai County – something that many visitors might miss from the bygone days. Read More

Why should I visit Chino Valley?

Chino Valley is an enjoyable stop for those who wish times were more like they used to be – just a bit slower and a whole lot quieter. You won’t find your favorite steak restaurant in these here parts. Instead, you’ll find hometown cooking and the best cup of black coffee you’ve ever tasted.

Where is Chino Valley?

Chino Valley is a little over 20 minutes north of Prescott and can be reached by heading up Highway 89.

What sort of Services and Amenities does Chino Valley offer?

Chino Valley has several family-owned businesses, gas stations and lodging options for travelers. Lodging here is less expensive than it can be in Prescott and is often less crowded, so many visitors to Prescott opt to use Chino Valley as their home base.

What can I do or see in Chino Valley?

Chino Valley is a small town that has many hometown-inspired activities throughout year. Future visitors would do best to check out the local Chamber of Commerce and see if their visit coincides with one of these exciting events.

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Chino Valley, Arizona

Chino Valley, Arizona prides itself on being a great place to raise a family in northern Arizona.