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Apache Creek Wilderness

The Apache Creek Wilderness is over 5,500 acres of remote and rugged terrain, comprised of hills covered in pinion and ponderosa pines, juniper trees and granite boulders. Read More

  • See the more rough and rugged side of the Prescott area by spending some time within the Apache Creek Wilderness. Be sure to bring your compass and map, though, because these are not the regularly maintained trails you might be used to. 
  • Be cautious as you travel through the hardy wilderness, in case you happen upon one of the more dangerous indigenous animals of the area. 
  • Enjoy a short hike to get the real feel for the lay of the land.

What can I see and do in the Apache Creek Wilderness?

  • Hiking: There are also three natural springs and a riparian creek running through the wilderness, the Apache Creek. There are also mixed reviews on the trails located through these parts. Though there does appear to be about five miles worth of trail, these are not maintained, so they are probably best for only the experienced hiker. 
  • Wildlife viewing: The terrain and elevation (5200 to 6900 feet above sea level) provides a great habitat for mountain lions, reptiles and amphibians and several types of birds.

Where is the Apache Creek Wilderness?

The wilderness is situated in the southeast portion of the Santa Maria Mountains.

When is the attraction open?

The wilderness area is open all year round and is most safely traveled between dawn and dusk.

How much does it cost?

Entry into this rugged Arizona land is free.

Who can I call if I have more questions?

Potential visitors may address any questions they have to the Chino Valley Ranger District at 928-777-2200.