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Prescott National Forest

The Prescott National Forest is approximately 1.25 million acres of land, much of which has remained unchanged since hundreds of years ago. Read More

  • The Prescott National Forest is a very large forest, spanning over 1.25 million acres. 
  • Fish, hike, camp – the forest is a nature-lovers playground. 
  • Always be sure to check the licensing requirements, hours and fee schedule wherever you’re planning on visiting. They very attraction by attraction.

What can I see and do in the Prescott National Forest? 

  • Fishing: Lynx Lake and Goldwater Lake are both located in what is considered the Prescott National Forest. Both have great fishing for those who brought their fishing pole and have a valid Arizona fishing license. 
  • Hiking: Hike throughout the forest on one of the many designated trails. From relatively easy to difficult, there are trails for just about any hiker.
  • Scenic Drive: The drive through the forest cannot be beat. Roll the windows down and enjoy the breeze and rich smell of pines trees as you cruise. 
  • Picnicking: Be sure to pack your picnic lunch. Many of the trailheads feature picnic tables, grills and restroom facilities. 
  • Camping: The Lynx Lake Campground is located within the forest, as are several other more primitive spots. Always make sure you know the rules about fire usage and pack out what you packed in!

Where is the forest?

About half of the forest lies to the west of Prescott, the remaining half is to the east.

When is it open?

The various attractions located within the forest each have their own hours. Typically it is safe to consider the hours “from dusk til dawn” but be sure to do your research before heading out.

How much does admission cost?

There are parking fees at both lakes, as well as at most of the trailheads. Off-road vehicular travel is not permitted and it might be dangerous to park on the side of the road, at least for the first several miles because there is quite a lot of traffic, especially during the summer months.

Who can I call if I have more questions?

Feel free to contact the Prescott National Forest at 928-443-8000 with any questions.