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Activities For Kids

The good news is that Prescott is just as entertaining and enjoyable for your children as it is for you. So pack up the skateboards, hiking shoes and imaginations and head on out!

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  • With such a beautiful climate, it is to be expected that Prescott would be especially heavy in the outdoor activities area. 
  • Swimming, biking, fishing, hiking, indoor museums, zoos – Prescott has it all.

What can I do in Prescott with my kids?

The Spot Children’s Museum
Grab a cold smoothie in the food court and let your kids explore the Spot Children’s Museum. Here they’ll learn all sorts of valuable lessons like respect and proper behavior in a fun and safe environment – let’s just hope these lessons stick when you get back home!

Highland’s Center for Natural History
The Highlands Center is a big hit for the local Prescott kids (they boast that they reach over 10,000 children and adults each year) but it is guaranteed to be an equally big hit for your little nature-lover. Follow the short trail around and learn all about the indigenous plants of the area.

Hiking and Fishing
There are numerous trails and small lakes located around and throughout Prescott. Grab the fishing pole and the hiking shoes and go experience the amazing outdoors that the area has to offer.

City of Prescott Skate Park
If the kids are feeling a little too cooped up, an hour or two at the skate park might be exactly what they need to work out some excess energy.

The local YMCA offers an outdoor park, an activity pool (complete with a 150 foot water slide!), running track, work out rooms and more. So be sure to stop by.

Heritage Park Zoo
The Heritage Park Zoo is a small, visitor-friendly zoo where children can get up close and personal with the rescued animals. The zookeepers are very personable and encourage guests to watch as they feed and interact with the animals.

The Square
Sometimes the best activity is a spontaneous, unstructured event. And the square in downtown Prescott is the ideal place for this free time. Toss a Frisbee around, lay in the grass and look up at the hundred-year-old trees, enjoy some ice-cream while sitting on the Courthouse steps. The options are only limited to what your imagination can think up.

Sledding off of Walker Road
Truth-be-told, Prescott doesn’t receive a monumental amount of snow. But when it does snow, you can be sure that everyone is ready to grad their sleds. Winter visitors can head up Walker Road where there are several pull-offs that allow for great sledding opportunities.