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Prescott Fine Arts Association

Watch a play, listen to a live music performance or explore the gallery within the walls of this historic Prescott building. (And rumor has it that it’s haunted too!)

What can I see and do at the Prescott Fine Arts Theater?

Visitors can take in a play, listen to a live orchestra, explore the gallery, or a number of other things while visiting the Prescott Fine Arts Association. The best part is that the beautiful building was once a Catholic church in downtown Prescott, so it is filled with history.

Where is the theater?

The Prescott Fine Arts Theater is located at 208 North Marina Street, in Prescott.

When is the theater open?

For a full list of shows and events scheduled, visit the theater’s website at Here you will find information about upcoming plays, youth programs and the art gallery.

How much does the Prescott Fine Arts Theater cost?

You will want to contact the theater directly to find out show times and cost of admission.

Who can I call if I have more questions?

Anyone with questions can reach the theater directly at 928-445-3286.