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Antelope Hills Golf Course

Antelope Hills in Prescott, Arizona is one of the few golf courses in the state immune to summer's wrath. Located at 5,000 feet it averages 15 to 20 degrees cooler than Phoenix, allowing you to focus on your golfing game rather than your melting club grips. Read More

Why should I golf at Antelope Hills Golf Course Prescott?

Located at about 5,000 feet above sea level, with 36 holes of championship golf and with a backdrop of the Prescott mountains, this course is pristine. When you’re done playing a round, grab a drink at the Manzanita Grille, a full service food and beverage facility on the property.

Where is the Antelope Hills Golf Course?

The course is located on Perkins Drive in Prescott and can be easily reached by heading north on Highway 89 and hanging a right on Perkins Road.

When can I golf at the course?

The Antelope Hills course is open everyday except for Christmas.

Who can I call for pricing and more information?

Anyone interested in tee times or additional information can call 928-776-7888 directly.