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Quailwood Greens Golf Course

The Quailwood Greens Golf Course is a public course of 18 holes located just miles from Prescott, in Dewey, Arizona. Read More

Why should I golf at here?

Quailwood is a younger course, but it is a great course for those beginning or wishing to spend time with their family while playing a friendly game. Lessons are also available, so if golf isn’t quite your thing but you’d love to learn, this might be the ideal course for you.

Where is Quailwood Greens?

The course is located at 11750 East Hwy 69, Dewey. To reach the course, simply take Highway 69 towards Dewey and take a left at the Quailwood subdivision.

When can I golf?

The course is open year-round.

Who can I call for pricing and more information?

Give the course a call at 928-772-0130 for additional information.