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Prescott Golf & Country Club

This semi-private course was established in 1971 and features 18 holes of golf appropriate for all skill levels, from novice to pro. This is where the local Prescott golf enthusiasts go to play. Read More

Why should I golf at the Prescott Golf Course?

This is a great course for families interested in introducing golf to their young children, couples out for a friendly game of golf, or individuals just up for a little stress-release. The course also features a practice facility with driving tees and a club with outside dining and a cocktail lounge.

Where is it located?

This course is located at 315 West Smoke Tree Lane. It is located right off of Highway 69, in the Prescott Country Club.

When can I golf at the Prescott Golf Club?

The golf course is open everyday of the year, except Christmas Day.

Who can I call for pricing and more information?

If you’d like additional information, such as availability and tee times, feel free to give the course a call directly at 928-443-3500.