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Highway 89 South

Arizona Highway 89 is one of the most popularly traveled roads in Arizona, and passes directly through Prescott. This is a favorite drive of local motorcyclists. Read More

  • Though Highway 89 covers a large portion of the Arizona landscape, the northern and southern portions are polar opposites as far as landscape and terrain are concerned. 
  • Don’t rush – make a day-trip of this scenic drive and pack a picnic lunch. 
  • If you’re a motorcycle rider, this is the scenic drive for you!

Why should I drive the southern stretch of Highway 89?

Heading south on Hwy 89 has the potential to be a remarkably different drive than the drive up north on the very same road. This of course is reason enough to make the trek.

Where does the scenic drive begin and end?

The drive can begin around Prescott and take you down through the Prescott National Forest, through Peeple’s Valley and Congress, and into Wickenberg.

How long does the drive take?

How long the drive takes depends entirely on how far you wish to go. Reasonably, travelers can keep the drive to a couple hours and still see an ample amount of Prescott’s surrounding areas.

What will I see along the way?

Along your trip, you will see the landscape that Prescott has become well-known for over the years: desert brush, beautiful valleys and mountains rising in the surroundings.