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Iron Springs Road

Iron Springs Road is a beautiful stretch of road that runs from west Prescott down south to Kirkland. It passes through the Prescott National Forest and Skull Valley and is a relatively flat drive. Read More

  • This is a short drive south from Prescott that will allow you to see a bit more of the countryside. 
  • Unlike some of the other day-trips and scenic drives of the Prescott area, this one is less challenging and can be completed by most anyone, regardless of their skill level. 
  • Plan for about an hour-and-a-half roundtrip from Prescott to Kirkland.

Why should I drive down Iron Springs Road?

While the scenery on Iron Springs Road is very similar to that you will see throughout most of central Arizona, it is a nice day trip. Drive past the train tracks shuttling goods to the west coast, through a winding road into a canyon valley and visit Skull Valley, a small, rural community located just 12 miles west of Prescott.

Where does the road begin and end?

Start off in Prescott and head south until you reach Kirkland, Arizona. There are not a lot of turn-offs or side streets off of Iron Springs.

How long does this scenic drive take to drive?

To get from Prescott to Kirkland, visitors should allocate about 45 minutes.

What will I see along the way?

There are not a lot of tall trees, but there is a fair amount of desert shrubbery in the foreground and beautiful blue mountains in the background.