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Verde Valley

The Verde Valley is home to gorgeous valleys, monstrous red rock formations, Indian ruins – and while you can’t see it all from inside a vehicle, you can see enough of it to know you’ve stumbled upon something great.

  • North of Prescott, beginning approximately an hour away. 
  • Do not think of coming to Prescott without visiting the Verde Valley – with all of the things to see and do, it’s a day in itself. 
  • Be prepared for somewhat sharp mountain climbs – if you’re not comfortable with switchbacks at interstate speeds, you might want to have someone else drive.

Why should I drive to the Verde Valley?

Aside from being some of the most beautiful countryside in Arizona, the Verde Valley is also the gateway to some of the best attractions. From the eclectic shops of Sedona to the wineries of Cottonwood and the historical monuments of Clarkdale, be sure to make this a full day-trip.

Where does the trip begin and end?

The Verde Valley Arizona scenic drive begins shortly before Camp Verde and ends shortly before the Sedona exit off of Interstate 17.

How long does the trip take to drive?

It might only take you an hour to get to the area, but with all the places you’ll be visiting and things you’ll be doing, plan on a full day.

What will I see along the way?

Creeks, river beds, red rocks cliffs, high-desert brush – and multiple exits for various historical attractions and scenic lookouts all exist along this path.