Prescott Horseback Riding, Horse Trail Rides


Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is ideal for those who wish to explore the desert landscape of the area but are not interested in hiking, or are bringing small children who might not be able to make the trek.

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Where can I go Prescott horseback riding?

  • Aspen Creek Trail: This trail runs along the Hassayampa Golf Club, up off of Thumb Butte Road. 
  • Butte Creek Trail: This trail begins at Stricklin Forest Park on Sherwood Drive and runs for a little over a mile through Prescott and then out into the Prescott National Forest. 
  • Lower Granite Creek Discovery Trail: The trail follows the western shore of Watson Lake and joins up with the Peavine Trail. 
  • Prescott Peavine National Recreation Trail: The Peavine Trail is a five mile trail, much of which was originally the Santa Fe Railway. The Peavine Trail connects to the Iron King Trail, for those who wish to continue their ride. 
  • Watson Lake: Take a ride around Watson Lake. This trail is only one mile long, however it can be extended by connecting to the Prescott Peavine Trail. 
  • Willow Lake: The Willow Lake Trail is open to all sorts of visitors, from those on horseback to those on foot to those with pets. The 3.5 mile trail is at the high-water mark of the lake.

I am looking for a guide.

Look into the guided activities and companies listed below that might be able to assist you in your upcoming horseback riding expedition.