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Agua Fria River

The Agua Fria River is a 120 miles long intermittent river that flows south from northeast Prescott. It flows past the Agua Fria National Monument, through the "Black Canyon" and into Lake Pleasant. The river flows most during the rainy season. Read More

  • The Agua Fria River runs from Prescott all the way to the desert north of Phoenix. 
  • The two best areas to enjoy the Agua Fria River are at the Agua Fria National Monument and Lake Pleasant. 
  • Hike, hunt, view wildlife, or enjoy some off-road action.

What can I see/do at the Agua Fria River? 

  • Agua Fria National Monument: Located approximately 40 miles north of Phoenix, visitors to the monument can hike, view cultural sites and wildlife, do some bird watching, hunting and four-wheel driving. 
  • Lake Pleasant: The lake is a favorite among locals. Water and jet skiing, sailing and other water sports are very popular here, as well as mountain biking, camping, and hiking. It is also stocked with a number of breeds of fish.

Where is the river?

The river runs from northeast of Prescott in a southern direction until it ends at Lake Pleasant.

When is it open?

The monument is open 24-hours a day and camping is permissible. Lake Pleasant is open 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

How much does the Agua Fria River cost?

There is no fee to get into the monument. The parking fee for Lake Pleasant is $6.00 per motorized vehicle.

Who can I call if I have more questions?

Anyone with questions regarding the monument can call 623-580-5500. Questions about the lake can be addressed to the Maricopa County Park & Recreation Department at 602-506-2930.